Outdoor Activities that You Can Enjoy


Going outdoor nowadays without the worry of the pandemic seems to be a distant memory for most of us. With the world’s current state, activities that we love to do before may no longer be possible. Or at least, it will be a long time before we can do them again.

However, some outdoor activities can be done even in this pandemic. The important thing is for people to continue to follow the guidelines and health protocols, especially in doing outdoor activities.

What can you enjoy during this time?

During the winter, most Americans love to spend their time skiing. It is one of the most beloved outdoor activities to do during the cold season. Perched upon mountains, skiing allows people to be out of the city for a while and have fun. After the strict lockdowns, it’s a good idea to spend some time outside.

Is going on a ski trip a high-risk activity for COVID-19? That is not the case. It has not been easy for most ski resorts. But they have added so many new protocols to ensure that patrons feel safe and adhere to the guidelines. Outdoor activities like skiing are actually low-risk activities compared to activities done indoors like parties or even going to the gym.

They are even more helpful for people who have been struggling with the whole pandemic. Keeping your mind and body healthy through these kinds of activities will help alleviate the stress and discomfort that this pandemic might bring.

The cold might discourage many people from trying skiing, but that there’s a remedy to that. Always have trusted warmers with you like jackets, windbreakers, goggles, and gloves. When it comes to jackets that are the best fit for your ski trip, consider getting a high-quality jacket for skiing. They are great in keeping you warm even in extreme weather.

Other than this equipment other things need to be brought as well. Make sure that you are wearing a facial mask all the time. Disinfect regularly and wash your hands more often. Bring your things and equipment. Borrowing equipment like your ski, boards, clothes like boots, goggles, jackets, and windbreakers must be discouraged. Not only do these things keep you warm all the time; keeping your things with you will also limit the transmission of the disease.


Camping in the Time of Pandemic

If you cannot stand the cold, you may also enjoy camping. Camping is one of the best outdoor activities out whether you are doing it with a small group of friends or with your family. You can even do it on your own if you want to! Of course, that’s going to take so much boldness for anyone, but it’s not impossible.

There are some essential things that your backpack must-have if you want to enjoy camping. Ensure that you have your essentials, like your water jug, food, map, sleeping bag, and other things that can come in handy. Perhaps going back to the activities you enjoy can bring back the normalcy you are craving.

Is going camping safe during this time? Yes. Camping is actually a low-risk activity. During the start of the lockdown around early spring last year, many people chose to stay indoors to avoid being infected by the virus.

However, some countries have slowly eased the strict lockdowns and have allowed some activities. When camping, it is important to stay with the people in your household. If there are other campers in the vicinity, keep a distance of at least six feet. It is of utmost importance for you to bring all the things you might need to avoid sharing camp materials.

Even though it has been a difficult year, life must not stop. Outdoor activities are one of the best things that you can do to bounce back from long isolation. Just be cautious of the fact that the pandemic still rages on. Remember the effects of health protocols and adhere to them. Whether camping for the summer or skiing trips in the winter, the world has changed, and these protocols are necessary.

Staying safe indoors is still the best course of action to prevent transmission. But engaging in these outdoor activities should not be frowned upon. What must be considered is adherence to health protocols.


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