How to Keep Your Skin Healthy During the Cold Winter Months


Playing in the snow can be fun and exciting, that’s why a lot of people really look forward to winter. Just like the warmer months, there are tons of outdoor activities you can do in this cold, snow-filled season. And just like getting exposed to the sun for too long, winter can also be bad for your skin.

The cold air can be a disaster if you want to maintain your smooth, blemish-free face. It can cause dryness, itchiness, and even irritation to your exposed skin. Notice that when you frolic in the snow for a bit longer, some parts of your face and hands feel raw.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to keep your skin healthy during these times.

Invest in a Humidifier Large Enough for Your Room

A humidifier is a great way to add moisture to the dry air in your home, or even in your office space. Unfortunately, we often get humidifiers that are too small for the specific area we use it in. During winter, your home is full of dry air so that a small humidifier won’t do much.

What you can do is to get a bigger one for your living room or any other open space, and place smaller, normal-sized ones in rooms that you frequent, including your own bedroom. This keeps your skin hydrated so that it won’t crack or get irritated as the winter days continue.

Get the Right Outdoor Gear for the Activity

winter clothes

Now, if you are planning to have some outdoor fun, make sure that you are wearing the right apparel for it. For example, if you’re going skiing, you might want to get the Arcteryx ski jacket for men. If you’re just having a few minutes of fun in the snow with the family, a thick, water repellent coat will do the trick.

You see, different lengths of stay outdoors can have different effects on your skin. That’s why you need the right gear made with the right materials to keep your skin safe no matter how long you wish to stay out and have fun.

Don’t Stay in the Hot Shower for Too Long

When the temperature is in the single digits outside, you still feel that bit of chill indoors even with air conditioning. Because of this, you might be tempted to get a warm shower and stay there for ages. You might even be tempted to soak in a hot tub for hours just to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Unfortunately, that temperature can be damaging to your skin. Excessively showering with hot water for too long can strip your skin of its natural oils. This causes dryness, flaking, and just that rough feeling you get after a long bath.

If you shower in hot water, the skin also gets irritated and burnt, even when you think you can stand that level of temperature.

Playing outdoors in the winter is fun. Soaking in a hot tub when the temperature is in single digits is also fun. What’s not fun is dealing with dry, cracked, irritated skin caused by this cold season. Fortunately, the tips mentioned above can help you keep your skin healthy during this time.

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