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Being an athlete is strenuous on different levels. At some point, you may feel you left all the skills at the field – and may not perform at a certain level as you used to. It can be challenging for most athletes since they have devoted most of their time to hard training. This inevitably leads to a point where you’re past your prime. However, it’s only natural to feel anxious when you think you need to leave everything behind – after all, it’s your passion and no one can take that away from you.

While some retired athletes took a different path when it came to their careers, others went on to the same sports program. Here are some ways to still get involved with the sport you love:

  1. Transitioning into coaching

Plenty of people do this, especially after retirement. Coaching feels like the natural route to take after someone proficient in a certain sport has to stop playing for whatever reason. This way, former athletes can use their years’ worth of experience on-field and in strength and conditioning to impart to the next generation of athletes. Check the sports club near you or your local team for possible openings in coaching. Better yet, start gearing yourself towards it in your last days as an athlete by asking your coaches for advice and possible opportunities.

  1. Getting into personal training

Another option similar to coaching is personal training. This is beneficial for people who want to work on their own time and is a far easier option especially for those of you who have even the smallest following of fans or former teammates that could wind up as your first clients. Personal training means you can still contribute to your sport and it’s better because you already have a niche, making you a more established candidate for people in the same niche. Go to the gym you used to do conditioning in and check if they have any courses to get you started. If they don’t, that’s alright! You can always sign up for online classes on personal training.

  1. Look into sports journalism

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If you’re looking for a way to stay in the sports scene and going into less physically demanding options, you might want to get your old camera and notepad out to try your hand at sports journalism. Check the universities near you if you can take one or two classes on photography and writing, both of which will be very useful for documenting the sports you love.

  1. Investing in sports facilities

Another thing you can do if you’re willing to invest more money than most is looking for opportunities to invest in sports and the facilities involved. There are ways to get involved in all kinds of niches from professional teams and sporting venues down tofranchise opportunities for children’s fitness! Be sure to do enough research and consult financial advisors on whether this investment will be beneficial for you.


Whether it’s a career path you want to stay in or not, you can stay in the scene even after you stop playing. After all, sports thrive because of the athletes the same way they thrive because of everyone that makes it possible. What matters is we do what we can for the sport we love and we try to make the most of it.

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