Get Your NBA Fix in Today’s Social-distancing World

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Though the NBA’s big return will kick off soon, the basketball sport as we know it might not return for months or years. The games will be played in a closed arena in Orlando, barring fans from watching live. Only 22 teams will participate in this NBA restart; the last eight in season standings are unfortunately eliminated. Also, several players decided to sit out the restart for personal and safety reasons. Other players are still waiting for clearance as they have tested positive for the COVID-19.

Whether you’re excitedly waiting for NBA games to be aired on TV again or want to relive the pre-pandemic days in the league, here are a few ways to get your basketball fix today:

Re-watch classic games

Basketball games are best enjoyed live. But at a time of crisis, re-watching NBA games from the 1990s or 2010s suddenly have new appeal. Just get your NBA League Pass, and you’ll have access to an expansive archive of classic games, 2019-20 highlights, condensed game replays, and more. Find a comfy seat, click the play button, and enjoy intense games packed with the loudest crowd.

Stream “The Last Dance” on Netflix

The Last Dance is a 10-part documentary series about the glory days of the 1990s Chicago Bulls. Even if you have a different opinion on who is NBA’s GOAT, you will appreciate seeing clips from the dugout and all those behind-the-scene happenings that shaped one of the greatest NBA teams of all time.

Listen to athlete podcasts

As you enjoy a few hoops in your backyard basketball court, play at your pool table, or wait for your in-home bowling alley installation, get your NBA fix through podcasts. There are many great NBA podcasts online, but sometimes it’s nice to hear it straight from a six or seven-foot tall horse’s mouth. JJ Redick, Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, and many more will give you an inside look at life in the NBA.

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Watch video game simulations of your favorite team

As you wait for the NBA restart, watch video game simulations of your favorite team this season. For instance, NBA Sports Washington has been using NBA 2K20 to put out a simulation of each game on the Wizards’ 2019-20 schedule. Other NBA-focused YouTube channels do similar sims on different teams.

Explore NBA-focused YouTube channels

Besides video simulations, many YouTube channels offer NBA content that can fill that void left by the current season’s suspension. SB Nation, for instance, posts “deep rewinds” of title-winning plays or costly dumb mistakes. Dom2K delves into some of the most significant issues in the league. This channel also created videos on highly debatable topics like why Lebron James is greater than Kobe Bryant.

NBA will return in July, but nobody knows whether the plan to restart the games will work. After all, the threat of coronavirus pandemic is still here. But whatever happens, you can continue to enjoy the sport you love with the right content online. You can still get your basketball fix in today’s social distancing world.

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