Sporty, Comfy, and Stylish: The Athleisure Way

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One of the many eclectic style themes that have appeared in the male fashion sphere is athleisure. While many fashion pundits and purists are not keen on this style, the theme itself does not stop from growing and attracting new followers. There are great reasons for that. For one, athleisure is comfortable. By using the right colors and pieces, one can already look good. The style is often favored by those who are leading active lifestyles, though it has its fair share of people who just want to look good with it.

For starters, athleisure is the aesthetics that makes use of clothing pieces normally worn during workouts. It provides maximum comfort, which is deemed by many people as one of the things that should define fashion. The style itself has gone high profile with lots of fashion designers and high-end brands adopting its appeal and beauty—some of these brands include Off-White, Supreme, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Take it one step further, and it can even be an avant-garde way of dressing up.

If you want to look good in a tracksuit and hoodies, there are some rules that you may need to keep in mind. Here are some of the things that will help you nail athleisure: 

Go oversize

One of the defining characteristics of athleisure is that it makes use of oversize items. These allow people to feel relaxed and much more comfortable as they move about their day. Key fashion items include oversize hoodies, sweatshirts, and even pants. You may favor streamlined tracksuits, but you can always go for loose pants such as Arcteryx ski pants for men. But to be able to create balance, you might want to wear an oversize top and pair it with a streamlined and tapered pair of pants (joggers, anyone?).

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Stick to the stylish sneakers

Nothing screams athleisure more than a pair of defining sneakers. The shoes should pull everything together. You might want to stick to the classics such as Nike Air Force One (the white pair), Air Max, and Adidas Superstar. Asics’ Onitsuka football shoes will also work, especially if you favor tracksuits. In the same league, the likes of Adidas Samba make a good fit. But if you want to go high-end, you may choose chunky sneakers from the likes of Balenciaga (Triple S) and Gucci (Rhyton).

Mix and match

Athleisure basically does not have any hard and fast rules. You just have to stay comfortable. With that, you are actually more than free to mix and match items you think would fit. You can fit hoodies with an unstructured blazer. You can wear a thick overcoat over your tracksuit. You can even pair up your favorite biker jacket with your loose basketball pants. Anything goes basically.

Athleisure seems to stick around longer than anyone would like. There is a good reason for it, which is primarily hinged on comfort. Regardless, you can dress any way that you want. After all, it is your taste—it is your aesthetics.

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