Interesting Sports You May Not Have Tried Yet

chess boxing

Exploring different sports can be a fun and exciting way to motivate yourself to exercise more, release some of your excess energy, or simply increase your social interaction. For some individuals, playing sports can be an avenue for healthy competition. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and sharpen the ones they already have.

Although there are plenty of classic and popular sports you can try, here are some others you should definitely look into:

Chess Boxing

Chess boxing is exactly what its name suggests — the perfect combination of chess and boxing in one sport. It’s mostly popular in India, Germany, Russia, and Great Britain. Each game is composed of 11 rounds of alternating boxing and speed chess, lasting for three minutes each. Athletes are declared victorious when they either knock out their opponent or declare checkmate.


Every adrenaline junkie should look into canyoning. People of all ages come together to enjoy their own outdoor adventures, especially in Switzerland, Wales, Colorado, and Scotland. The sport makes use of various skills, such as sliding down waterfalls, hiking trails, climbing steep mountains, swimming, jumping, and abseiling. It’s open to both beginners and seasoned daredevils with level-appropriate courses guaranteed to count you in on the fun.


Bossaball is a game invented in Spain but is also popular in Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, and Ecuador. In a nutshell, it’s just like playing volleyball, gymnastics, and soccer in one. Each match is held on a giant inflatable floor with a trampoline in the middle, with four or five members on each team. The rules allow players to hit the ball using any body part to get the ball over the net to the other side of the court. Matches usually come with live music to maintain an upbeat atmosphere for both players and onlookers.


Popular in Canada, Russia, Norway, and Iceland, snowkiting is a sport for individuals who enjoy being out in icy landscapes. It’s done by propelling yourself on a snowboard using big inflatable kites. You can either enjoy the ride uphill or downhill, practice freestyling, or attempt to break previous speed records. Before you go, make sure you wear the appropriate clothing, as too many layers of clothing can cause you to overheat quickly during this aerobic sport.

In-Shore and Off-Shore Fishing

Fishing in deeper waters brings you an assortment of fish that just can’t be found in shallow waters and vice versa. Going on an in-shore or off-shore charter with seasoned crew from Down2Fish, for example, can help you gain a greater appreciation for the waters.

Underwater Hockey

woman swimming

Yet another aquatic activity, Octopush or underwater hockey is popular in parts of Asia and Africa, Australia, the United States, and Europe. It’s participated in by teams of six athletes who alternate pushing the hockey puck underwater and surfacing to breathe. Players use a combination of handheld sticks and pushers to score more goals than their opposing team in a certain time frame. It’s commonly known to be a test of speed, skill, maneuverability, and lung capacity.


Kabaddi is an Indian wrestling sport that focuses on your abilities to maneuver past seven players from the opposing team to get to your home side. You, as the team’s raider for the round, are expected to navigate the court alone while simultaneously holding your breath. Unlike other games, Kabaddi doesn’t require the use of any specialized clothing or equipment.

Roller Derby

With almost 400 leagues across the globe, roller derby is considered to be one of the fastest-growing sports out there. This full-contact sport is mostly played by women who enjoy racing around on quad roller skates. Each team is composed of five skaters on the oval track with the primary goal of scoring the most points.

Log Rolling

When you sign up for log rolling, you’re due to face off with a competitor on top of a free-floating log in designated bodies of water. Athletes commonly stay on the log and attempt to cause the opponent to fall off through kicking the log, sprinting, and other techniques. Each match is completed when a player scores the best of five falls. Tournaments from this sport typically follow a double-elimination bracket or round-robin format.

Trying New Sports

Finding a new sport you will genuinely enjoy can be a fresh and exciting experience. Stay open to different options available in your area, and don’t be afraid to have fun with it. In the end, while choosing a sport may require trial and error, remember that the entire process is worth it.

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