20 Ideas for Your Company’s Team-Building Activities

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Team-building is bringing a group of people together to build relationships and trust, which allows them to work more efficiently. The key ingredients for any successful team-building activity are creativity and an open mind.

Team-building activities are essential for companies because they enable employees to get better at coming up with new ideas, collaborating on projects, and working through challenging problems together. Team building activities also help avoid conflicts within the company and improve morale among employees.

It’s essential to find activities that suit your company’s specific needs. Do you want to promote communication? Teach leadership skills? Encourage creativity? Boost productivity? Whatever your goals may be, there’s an activity that can help you achieve them.

Company Team-Building Events

Companies must schedule team-building events every quarter. These allow employees to relax and let off steam while strengthening camaraderie. These are the building blocks of collaboration at work.

Team-building events can be whole-day events or cover two days and one night. The company can alternate from roughing it at campsites and adventure sites to going on a luxury cruise or staying at a fine hotel.

Apart from team-building games, companies can reward employees with shows such as a mini-concert by a famous entertainer or band. The event can also feature inspirational talks or a comedy act by a corporate speaker.

Fun Team-Building Games for Companies

Your company can do various team-building and learning activities during team-building events.

1. Trust Falls

People in a team-building activity try to build trust by falling backward and being caught by the people they are with.

2. Web of Trust

In this activity, employees have to stand back-to-back with someone they don’t know well and answer questions about trust.

3. Paper Airplane Competition

In this activity, teams must compete to see who can design the best paper airplane. The planes are then judged on how far they fly, how long they stay in the air, and how accurately they land.

4. Marshmallow Challenge

In this popular team-building activity, teams receive 20 sticks of spaghetti, one marshmallow, and one yard of string. The goal is to build the tallest free-standing structure using only these materials.

5. Egg Carton Tower

In this activity, teams must stack empty egg cartons as high as possible without them toppling over.

6. Egg Drop

In this activity, teams must design a device to protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height.

7. Balloon Towers

In this activity, teams must work together to build the tallest tower possible out of balloons and masking tape.

8. Balloon Pop

That is a communication and teamwork game that can be played in teams of two or more. The object is to pop all the balloons in the other team’s possession while protecting your own balloons. The instructions will specify the allowed means of popping the balloons.

9. Balloon Stomp

That is similar to the Balloon Pop but the teams try to pop each other’s balloons using only their feet while blindfolded.

10. Human Knot

In this activity, employees stand in a circle and grab the hand of someone across from them. Each hand must grab a separate person. Then, without letting go of each other’s hands, they must untangle themselves into a circle.

Employees showing thumbs up

11. Simon Says

A classic game that can be used to teach children about following instructions, this can also work for adults in a team-building setting.

12. Minute to Win It

This game show can be turned into a team-building exercise by having employees compete in simple physical challenges that must be completed in one minute or less.

13. Obstacle course

In this game, teams must complete an obstacle course as fast as possible. The team that finishes first wins.

14. Balance beam

In this game, teams must balance on a beam and make it to the other side without falling off. The team that makes it across first wins.

15. Bucket relay

In this race, teams must pass a bucket of water to the next person in line without spilling it. The team that finishes first wins.

16. Balloon Balance

In this game, teams must balance a balloon on a spoon and walk with it to the finish line without dropping it.

17. Blindfolded relay

In this race, teams must pass an object to the next person in line while blindfolded. The team that finishes first wins.

18. Hula Hoop Relay

In this relay race, teams must pass a hula hoop around their bodies in various ways before passing it on to the next person.

19. Balloon relay

In this race, teams must pass a balloon around their bodies and then pass it to the next person in line. The team that finishes first wins.

20. Bean Bag Toss

In this game, teams must take turns throwing bean bags at a target. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Build a Strong Team

These are just a few ideas for company team-building activities. When you take the time out of your busy day to do something fun with coworkers it will lead to increased happiness and satisfaction while boosting productivity levels. So go plan your company’s team-building event and activities now.

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