Best Destinations for ATV Tours in America


An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a 4X4 sports vehicle that offers a wild ride through rough terrain. It is safe and fun when used in the right venue. There are many recreational tours that incorporate an ATV ride.

In Utah, there are ATV tours across their vast terrain where you can go full throttle over their rocky and sandy national parks.

Here are the best destinations for an ATV Tour across the United States.

Moab, Utah

Moab in Utah has long stretches of red rock trails with varying levels of roughness. They have canyons and even a national park. There are Off-Highway trails for the public and when you’re off the beaten path, you will be treated to spectacular, breath-taking sights and challenging obstacles that will take you to the limit.

Moab has something for every type of traveler. You can choose a trail that is rocky and murky so you can really be pushed to your limit. There are also trails that offer serenity and isolation, if you just want an escape from the usual stressful day and drive off.

You can tell from the names of the trails: Hell’s Revenge, Golden Spike, Poison Spider Mesa and The Rim sound like real challenges. Chicken Corners, Hidden Valley, Kane Creek, and Hurrah Pass sound like fun. The town of Moab also has enough facilities available for off-road tourists. They have motel/hotels, RV, and camping locations available, grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants.

Glamis, Southern California

ATV tour

You don’t need to leave for the desert just to experience driving across sand dunes. Glamis in Southern California is home to The Imperial Sand Dunes are the home of Glamis. This is probably the most popular riding destination in Southern California as the sand dunes will fulfill your off-road playground fantasies. It has trails with lengths of 40 miles and averaging about 5 miles wide, with varying degrees of difficulty which will please the beginners and also test the experts. It is recommended to try this destination during the fall, winter and early spring months because the summer months are scorching with an average of over 100 degrees.

Glamis does not have much for lodging, primarily just tent camping. There are campsites along the outskirts of the dunes which also provide bathrooms. You have to bring other necessities with you, but it also provides a true DIY camping experience.

Springville, Alabama

Springville, Alabama is home to the Ridge Outdoor Resort, which is open every weekend from Friday to Sunday. This is an offroad riding park which has Off-Highway Trails that stretch as far as 35 miles. This can be run by ATVs or motorcycles. They also have a 15-mile loop for motorcycle, specifically for more technical riding. The park is also family friendly as it has a kids-only track and a pee-wee track for riders who are only starting out.

The spirit of ATV riding is to get off the highway and blaze your own trail, making discoveries along the way. The ATV tours on these destinations have made safe and controlled alternatives without losing the sense of adventure and wonder.

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