MST Prince George, June 10, 2017.

 Click here to register for Mudd, Sweat & Tears Prince George June 10, 2017. This awesome 8km obstacle course mud run takes place at the Otway Nordic Centre, Prince George, BC.

Racer heats start at 9am and are spaced 30 minutes apart. We suggest that you arrive 1 hour before your selected starting time to check in, get changed and get ready to rock the course!

Mudd, Sweat & Tears Participant Package

For your sign-up fee, you get to run through mud and over obstacles. You also get:

  • Event ticket
  • Mudd, Sweat & Tears participant t-shirt
  • 1 free beverage (when you finish)
  • Custom Mudd, Sweat & Tears finisher medal!

Click on the following link to download your 2017 race waiver MST Waiver 2017

Mudd, Sweat & Tears Prince George is a super charged 8km+ obstacle course mud run, which will take place at the Otway Nordic Centre in beautiful Prince George. Site fees for the race go directly to the Otway Nordic Centre’s coaching program to assist athletes and skiers of all ages.

Be a Volunteer!

Do you feel passionate about fitness, endurance sports and extreme challenges to mind and body? Do you want to be a part of the core Mudd, Sweat & Tears team and community, giving hundreds of athletes the chance to test their limits? Do you have what it takes to be a Mudd, Sweat & Tears course marshall?

Click here to complete our volunteer sign up form 

Location information and directions

Distances and driving times



The course

Mudd, Sweat & Tears Prince George is a super charged 8km+ obstacle course mud run, with an action packed design featuring: tons of mud, a series of fun,challenging and rewarding obstacles and some fantastic single track trails and challenging ascents using the natural elevations found throughout the property.

Race day information

  • Pre race- please arrive a minimum of 1 hour before your individual heat for pre-registration.
  • Get pumped, stretch,  warm up and enjoy the pre-race scene
  • Ready set go
  • Once you finish the race, get sprayed off, changed (or not) and join us for that well earned beverage and post-race festivities.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be strategically along the course, providing water & energy drinks.


Important Documents

Please download, print and sign our liability waiver. It is mandatory for every participant to bring the waiver on race day.

Results, photos and videos

Check back here after the race.


MST is not for the faint of heart or unprepared. You will get dirty, muddy, scraped up, cold, physically and mentally challenged and may end up smiling continuously.

If you’re not of average or above average fitness levels, prepared to race hard, race smart and help your fellow competitors, then this may not be the event for you. On the other hand, for those who are up for the challenge the rewards can be contagious!

42 thoughts on “MST Prince George, June 10, 2017.

  1. I’d like to volunteer for the MST in Prince George in June. There are a number of us in my motorcycle riding group that would like to volunteer.

    The link for the volunteers to register just goes to the advertising site.

    please email me.

  2. Hi- on info page the age limit says 16, but above here it says 14- which is correct?
    I understand that often people register as a group but is it more of an informal team event ? Essentially are they all individuals who kind of help each other through the event and have likely trained together or is it more formal?? Have never done a MST before. Thanks.

  3. Hi John. As someone who runs and mountain bikes at Otway 2-5 times per week, what are the plans for trail restoration after 1000 people have run over them over the course of a few hours? The singletrack trails at Otway are 100% volunteer built and maintained, so it would be disappointing if they were left in a state of disrepair.

  4. I have an important event later in the day – I haven’t done anything g like this before- would like to join some friends who are gathering a team.
    Approx how long would a heat take?
    What would bd the latest assigned time?

    • Hi Ray,

      Our early heats are starting to sell out so I would suggest registering sooner than later. The latest assigned time or heat time is 130pm I believe and the course should take you 1.5 hours or less.

  5. Hi I was wondering how I can download a liability waiver?…Unfortunately I did not retain my confirmation email….I am unable to find a link for the waiver.

  6. Hi. I am registered on a team but now cannot make it. I realize there are no refunds, but is there a way to un-register? Just so no one is expecting me. Thanks

  7. I read the waiver must be filled out and brought on race day. Is there a link to download the waiver, sorry I can’t seem to find it. Thanks so much.

  8. One more question. I have a very large team entered and one of our competitors has broken her heel. Can we substitute another racer for her. I called the help line you posted in a previous msg but they were closed. We are racing Saturday so it’s cutting it close. Thanks!

  9. Hi,
    We are just wondering if we create a team but people join at different times if we will all be guaranteed to be in the same heat? We Are unsure of how creating a team works.
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Shannon- we can definitely accommodate that. Our earlier heats typically fill up first. Sometimes when people join a team closer to the event the heat or start time they’re after will be sold out, since reservations are on a first come first served basis. This said we have the flexibility of moving everyone into the same heat so they are racing at the same time

    • Hi Ashley,

      Good question and yes. On the off chance that certain team members book later than others and the start time for the team or the heat is full, we can just add them manually, in order for people to race at the same time.

  10. Hello, we created a team but are now struggling to get participants. Is it possible to combine 2 existing teams together? One of my teammates has some friends who also created a team but do not have 12 participants yet. We were hoping to merge the 2 teams to try and get to the 12 person minimum.

    If that’s not an option is it possible to dissolve our existing team and those of us who have already registered participate as a single person?

    • Hi Gina,

      Thank you for your questions. Answers below:
      Yes you can merge the teams. Just decide which name you’re keeping and then give our registration team at call Toll free at 1 866 534 2453, let them know that you’ve spoken with John and that I’ve authorized the change. They will manage it from here.

      Have a great day!


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